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Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
to the meridian gallery has a 20-year history of supporting visual arts. experimental music concert, and also readings. >> give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day. and lead us not into temptation to often on weekdays. [laughter] >> meridians' stands apart from the commercial galleries around union square, and it is because of their core mission, to increase social, philosophical, and spiritual change my isolated individuals and communities. >> it gives a statement, the idea that a significant art of any kind, in any discipline, creates change. >> it is philosophy that attracted david linger to mount a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an
Dec 26, 2012 9:30am PST
a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an inch thick. >> it took about two years to get it down. i would say i lose 30% of the pieces that i made. something happens to them. they cracked, the break during the process. it is very complex. they fall apart. but it is worth it to me. there are photographs i took 1 hours 99 the former soviet union. these are blown up to a gigantic images. they lose resolution. i do not mind that, because my images are about the images, but they're also about the idea, which is why there is text all over the entire surface. >> marie in moved into the mansion on powell street just five years ago. its galleries are housed in
Dec 4, 2012 5:00am PST
is pervasive, and it crosses generations. it crosses families. august 19th, 1981, i ran away from the meridian home for girls just outside philadelphia to the streets of the fort lauderdale strip. i was 14. june 11th, 2011, 30 years later with 5 years sober, i started walking home. with my walk, walking up the east coast, i would walk about 10 miles in the morning, and then in the afternoons i would visit homeless shelters, treatment centers, battered women shelters. i'd go back into the alleys, under the bridges, and tell my story and share hope. i started to spread little mustard seeds of hope in places that there were none. and there's a lot of fantastic things going on in the recovery community, and i think the stigma of coming into recovery and the fellowships, and you can't do this and you can't do that, kind of wards people off. it scares people off from coming into recovery, because they think they're going to be sentenced to a church basement and a coffee pot. (music playing.) we have recovery concerts. we have sober comedy events. we have the 12-step music fest in the
Dec 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
themer meridian onramp, closing is for three hours. nearby the worst effects of the early storm was happening at the same time. a driver going too fast for the conditions skid across five lanz of innocent 280, crashing into another car. one landed on its roof. the other went halfway down the embankment and landed on its side. surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt. >> luckily everybody in the collision was wearing their set beets and when they're not in situations like this you often time see ejections and major injuries, and today it's just mine your complaint office pain. >> drivers across the bay area agree in weather like this, defensive driving is the key to staying safe. >> people are still driving fast. you just got to watch out for them and slow down a little bit and anticipate the worst of what other people might do if they hit puddles. >> people should slow down like 10-miles-an-hour. >> are you slowing down? >> of course, i have a baby. >> it's all advise we should adhere to. >> ama: we want to share with you this rain bowe from -- rainbow over the san francisco bay
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am EST
. and, in fact, we have tornado watches up now from meridian down to morgan city until 10:00 am central standard time. there's a risk of strong storms from meridian down to chattanooga. rainfall amounts, aside from the threat of tornadoes, 3 to 5" of rain from meridian up to chattanooga. that's what's going on around the the country. first we're going to take a look at your local news. >> good morning. we will start out with some thick fog. a cold front will move through this afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >>> al, thank you very much. in your search for holiday deals, have you noticed that prices are falling fast at the gas pump? they're supposed to keep dropping. nbc's tom costello is in bethesda, maryland, with this. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. we're talking about big price drops. we've seen ten cents a gallon drop on regular unleaded in a month. they're talking about another 10 to 15, even 20 cents a gallon by christmas. that means some areas will see $3 a gallon. remember how we were all complaining just about three months ago?
Dec 10, 2012 9:00am EST
in effect until 10:00 am central standard time. and a risk of strong storms from meridian through chattanooga. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 >> good morning. we will start out with some thick fog. a cold front will move through this afternoon. >>> now to "today's" take three where the three of us -- actually, there's four of us. >> a long weekend. >> whatever is in there. >> i saw the stones. i sure did. >> all right. let's try this again. the four of us will take on the stories that you are talking about. our first take, you win some, you lose some. there was a big fight in las vegas saturday night, manny pacquiao against juan manuel marquez. who showed up at the fight but mitt and ann romney, ring-side seats. there's governor romney, laughing it up ringside. he actually visited the dressing room of manny pacquiao before the fight. according to pacquiao's publicist governor romney said, quote, hi, manny. i ran for president. i lost. it was tense for a moment. but then i guess he laughed and the dressing room exploded into laughter. >> still worked out well for manny. >> it's f
Dec 18, 2012 3:00am PST
. i mean, i was born in georgia, i moved to meridian, mississippi. i lived in the out-skirts of meridian mississippi. i grew up with -- i mean -- the bedroom community of briar wood, i mean, we -- i'm dead serious. there were woods all around us. we spent our summer days outside. everybody had guns. everybody had guns. everybody hunted. i went to school, university of alabama. i lived in tuscaloosa for four years. i lived in northwest florida. all my friends at church, hunters, my friends at school, hunters, i've never ever talked to one, never talked to one that said, you know what, i need a 10 millimeter glock. i need a bushmaster. if i don't have those, then you know what, my culture is being infringed upon. it's nonsense. these weapons are part of a culture. but they're not part of my culture and they're not part of your culture, they're not part of my northwest florida culture or tus sca loose sa, alabama culture or meridian, mississippi culture or georgia culture or central florida culture where i went to law school. i spent my entire life growing up around peopl
Dec 11, 2012 3:00pm EST
peterson from is & p, jonathan corpina from meridian equity partners and our own rick santelli. good to see you all. jonathan, we'll kick this off with you. what's the right strategy going into these negotiations and going into year end? >> running out of time at this point, and as the days trickle down look to this week and next week. after that everybody in holiday mode and trading sessions will be very, very light. at this point we still talk about the santa claus rally, can't forget with that, but as we get closer and closer to the deadline i think that inside people feel that we are going to get some sort of resolution put in place. when everybody's back is against the wall smarter minds will prevail and come to sort sort of a resolution, but right now the comments that we got a couple of minutes ago out of washington does not really help the situation. >> so what's the strategy, jonathan? what's the strategy given the comments that we just heard. >> not knowing what taxes will be like next year, i agree with what you said before earlier. you have to take some of the profits off the ta
Dec 14, 2012 3:00pm EST
and mark spellman from value line funds and joe greco on the flor with meridian equity partners and our rick santelli is standing by in chicago. rearranged priorities on this, and the market really reflects that. >> absolutely does, bill. a hard day to trade when you're so focused on the tragedy that's unfolding in front of us, and as the mother of a kindergartner and a pre-school child my heart goes out to these families. it's a real terrible thing. >> we do have business to conduct though in washington. >> we do. >> and when we last left that story it appeared there was very little progress made. how do you invest in that kind of an environment? >> even less is happening frankly, so, you know what, we have to do is still keep our eye on the ball and have to believe that at some point something will further itself, whether it happens whether we go over the cliff or before that. reinvest in companies that are dividend payers, that have an efficiency paradigm so whether they are investing in smart energy or automation or something like that, that's where we look, and we also like the tsu
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm EST
destination and steven hammers from the emp fund and our own rick santelli and joe greco from meridian equity partners finishing up his trades and will join us momentarily. good to see everybody. michael, let me kick it off with you. i know it's really hard to navigate every day because every day there's a new expectation in the market, but it felt like today was about the fiscal cliff. if we go over the fiscal cliff with no deal, is that a significant issue for the markets early january? >> if we go over the fiscal cliff without a deal, we're probably looking at a 6%, 7% correction and then in my view you load up on equities. you know, maria, we're starting to put a little bit of risk on. never took risk off. not one of the believers we'd have a 10%, 15%, 20% drop like you heard a month or so ago. we stayed the course. it's actually worked out well, and we're starting to put on a little more incremental risk because of the optimism. we think there's going to be some kind of a deal. if not in the next seven days, by say the first week of january, because if there's not a deal on january 2nd t
Dec 6, 2012 9:00am EST
people come to the house. >> we do it for the meridian food bank. >> so you're asking people to bring food when they come to view the lights, the light show. >> yeah. >> we think it's cool. >> talk to me real quick. electric bill this month. what are you looking at? >> well, we are on level pay for the whole year. so we don't get a huge bill in december. >> you run an extension cord to your neighbor's house, right? >> that's the way to do it. >> all right, scott and zach, the christmas lighthouse in iowa. >> take it easy. >> don't pull an anderson cooper, okay? >> he got lit up -- >> no, he's a lightweight. it's embarrassing. >>> up next, solei moon frey on how moms start a business and raise a family. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very
Dec 21, 2012 3:00am PST
11:11, the again itch meridian. >> we are good then. >> dan: we are an hour past it now. >> i am glad i didn't waste those extra quarters in the parking meter. >> bill: there are so many things? right? that we maybe put off because we thought what the hell? we may not have to deal with that. right? >> i was optimistic. ever sun ny >> bill: lynn is here. peter ogburn has the week off with his family. dan henning flying the 747. >> dan: good morning is >> bill: with phil back we can on the phones and cyprian bolder boulding on the cameras and we are coming to you live on our local progressive talk radio station. yesterday, most people were saying before this blew up last night that plan b wasn't going anywhere anyhow. everybody was dumping on it except patty murray from washington thought this sounded good. >> i got really excited when i heard speaker obtain talking about plan b and thought maybe they have made progress on an important women's health issue i had been working on. that was not the case >> bill: boehner had a didn't plan b. he wa
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am EST
back to the voters again. host: we will take your comments and move on to debora. in meridian, mississippi, go ahead. caller: i am a new gun enthusiasts. i love my new guns. i recently added to the economy lately. i recently purchased some. how host: does this relate to our topic of the fiscal cliff and state budgets? caller: i was listening to the beginning and your talking about -- i want a gun safety -- a gun safe deduction on my taxes. host: we will go and to linda. democratic caller. caller: i want to know how the system of adoption -- not adoption, but the parents that take the children. when you are taken from parent and given to foster children, i'm wondering -- that system seems to be well- founded and -- well funded. why is that readily available and spendable at the drop of a hat? guest: foster care and adoption assistance is one of the federal grant programs but those two states. as it turns out, it is exempt from sequestered. why? many what are called mandatory programs are exempt from sequestered. a mandatory program is a program where greta van appropriating a s
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
potentially, our guest from meridian equity partners joins us from post 9 one last time. so, clearly, there is a negative bias to this meeting today. it seems like traders don't want to make that firm of a bet on it. what is your read? >> they are certainly not going out on any limbs. we got this meeting this afternoon. there is a little bit of a hope there. maybe a hail mary pacss. we also have the meeting on sunday, sunday night when these guys will try to get to work which is very hard for them these days. >> yes. >> i think traders are just so cautious. don't forget this is amt tax thing that a lot of people haven't paid attention to and now it is getting very interesting and is scaring the retail investors right now. they're starting to be worried. >> obviously we've had a series of negative days. holding 13,000. is the strategy to, i mean, barring any news today out of this meeting, is the strategy to go long into the weekend or not? >> i would think not. now, i mean, you'll see some headlines so the market will move again today. right now the market is kind of respecting the l
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)